L'oro in bocca Trumen Records
cover of article Genere: Hip Hop
CD 1
1.Know Your Destiny (Intro)
2.Apocalypto (feat. Ensi & Dj Double S)
3.Non ci contiene (feat. Ghemon)
4.Non voglio (feat. Giaime) (Original Version)
5.Con la bocca (feat. Danti & We Are Presidents) (Unpublished Version)
6.Behind Red Lights (feat. Phas3s)
7.Niente è come noi (feat. Raige)
8.Killer Bob (feat. Shade)
9.Trap Score (feat. Dj 2P)
10.Come se fosse facile (feat. Mastermind & Meddaman)
11.Starne senza (feat. Nayt vs Epicale feat. Rayden)
12.Generazioni (feat. Asher Kuno & Nerone)
13.I Spit Music! (Vocal Freestyle)
14.Impossibile (feat. Fabio Dema)
15.Perfetto direi (feat. Giaime)
16.The Real Talent Show (Outro) (feat. Dj Yaner - Men In Skratch)

CD 2 - Beatbox Instrumental
1.Know Your Destiny (Intro) (Beatbox Instrumental)
2.Apocalypto (Beatbox Instrumental)
3.Behind Red Lights (feat. Poul) (Beatbox + Instruments)
4.Non voglio (Original Version) (Beatbox + Piano)
5.Non ci contiene (Beatbox Instrumental)
6.Niente è come noi (Beatbox + Instruments)
7.Starne senza vs Epicale (Beatbox Instrumental)
8.The Real Talent Show (Beatbox Instrumental)
9.Come se fosse facile (feat. Mastermind) (Beatbox + Instruments)
10.I Spit Music! (Vocal Freestyle)
11.Killer Bob (Beatbox Instrumental)
12.Generazioni (Beatbox Instrumental)
13.Trap Score (Beatbox Instrumental)
14.Nygma (Beatbox Instrumental)
15.Impossibile (Beatbox Instrumental)
16.Perfetto direi (Beatbox Instrumental)
17.With the Mouth (Outro) (Beatbox Instruments)

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