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Riedizione 2020

Digitmovies is pleased to announce the release of the OST by Armando Trovajoli for the comedy “Anyone Can Play” (original title “Le dolci Signore”), for the absolute first time on CD.

Armando Trovajoli composed and directed a brilliant lounge-style soundtrack based on the main theme. It is introduced in the opening credits and sung by Mal dei Primivites on track1, and is then reprised with captivating instrumental arrangements on tracks 4, 8, 10, 12, and 16. For the four protagonists, Maestro Trovajoli composed a jazz motif with a spylike atmosphere (Tr.2, Tr.6, Tr.17). Armando Trovajoli performs the scat singing with an airy piece using organ and tempo (Tr.11) and performs the main theme on the piano. (Tr.14). For this CD we were able to use the mono masters from the recording session.