Armageddon Gigolò (Deluxe Edition) Auerbach
cover of article Genre: Pop, Dark
CD One
2.Bastard Angel
3.I Walk the (Dead)Line
4.The Shining Circle
5.My Kingdom for a Horse
6.Jesus Died in Las Vegas
8.Love Through Vaseline
9.Ragged Bed
10.No Kisses on the Mouth
11.Redemption or Myself

CD Two
1.When Hating What You Wait For
2.Cruisin' (Alternative Piano Version)
3.I Walk the (Dead)Line (Acoustic Alternative Version)
4.Love Through Vaseline (Demo Acoustic Version)
5.Slave, Clowns and Ropes
6.My Kingdom for a Horse
7.Jesus Died in Las Vegas (Demo Acoustic Version)
8.First Love Never Dies
9.Bastard Angel (Opening Titles)
10.Meet Me in My Dream
11.In Leage with Satan (Damballah Version)
12.No Kisses on Your Sealed Mouth
13.Slave (Acoustic Version)
14.The Suite for the Shining Circle
15.Jesus Cried in Las Vegas

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Parallelamente all’uscita dell’attesissimo nuovo album degli Spiritual Front, “Amour Braque”, Auerbach dà alle ristampe il loro disco più amato e di successo, “Armageddon Gigolò”, in quattro esclusivi formati.