Movement (Vinile) Schema Records
cover of article Genre: Latino, Nu-Jazz
Lato A
2.I Need Rhythm

Lato B
1.The Talisman
3.The Sound Image

Lato C
1.Eastern Vibrations / Shout It Out

Lato D
1.Moving Shadows
2.Mystic Latin
3.What's Jazz?

WG Image 2 LP CHF 43.80


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Gerardo Frisina has established himself throughout the years as one of the finest interpreters of the Latin-influenced Jazz club sound. Four years after the release of “Join the Dance”, he returns on Schema with a brand new album, “Movement”.

Gerardoʼs contribution to the history of Italian Jazz is remarkable: along with his activity as a producer, his work has been pivotal in uncovering rare Italian and European Jazz for international audiences, thus reviving this rich heritage. The studio is where he feels at home: his recent activity has been considerable, with a multitude of projects and single releases, and finally, a new album. Like a gifted movie director, he conducts with delicacy and mastery a fine ensemble of musicians, bringing into these recordings the outcome of lifelong research into sound. His fifth full-length album summarizes his experiences, his endless listening sessions and experiments with different music cultures.

Here are 12 pieces describing another amazing journey through Gerardoʼs rich and exotic influences: these are the adventures of a European Jazz man immersed in Afro-Cuban inspirations. Gerardoʼs love for Cuban music is well- known. Jazz had been influenced by Cuban music since its early days and Gerardoʼs blend of this tradition has become a trademark. His fans will not be disappointed by “Movement” and the uninitiated will discover the manifold nuances of his sound.

(Fonte: Schema Records)