The River of Anyder ECM
cover of article Genre: Jazz
1.Minas Tirith
2.The River of Anyder
3.Ararat Dance
4.Return to Bensalem
5.Nowhere Song
9.Ararat Prayer
10.Anywhere Song

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Stefano Battaglia: piano - Salvatore Maiore: double-bass - Roberto Dani: drums / The pure water of the Anyder River flowered through Sir Thomas Moore’s 'Utopia'. Italian pianist Stefano Battaglia celebrates it and other mythical and legendary locations in a trio recording of new compositions which spurn self-conscious modernity: 'I pushed myself to write songs and dances uninfluenced by the sophistication of contemporary musical languages, striving to shape pieces that might have been played on archaic instruments a thousand years ago.' If the piano trio is itself a modern institution and the group understanding that Battaglia, Maioere and Dani share cannot help but be of-the-moment, Battaglia has nonetheless made an album that feels 'timeless'.