Eclecticlanz AMS
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Mr. Voice Impossible is back! In the seventies, Bernardo Lanzetti has been one of the most important voices and performers of Italian prog, vocalist of 'Acqua Fragile' and later front man of 'PFM', for a legendary bunch of records and world tours. In 1979 he embarked in a long successful solo career producing several albums, but also starting a career in Theatre. Currently Bernardo Lanzetti also records and performs with the prog outfit Mangala Vallis. Well-known for the incredible span of his voice and an everlasting will to experiment with vocal solutions, his music moved between Blues, Sixties, Folk, Prog, Rock, Classic Contemporary Music. His new record 'ECLECTICLANZ' is a true gem featuring brand new sounds as well as vintage instruments and stunning vocals experimentations carried out during a time span of 20 years and thereafter rearranged, creating a sort of 'archaeological finds of the future'. Intertwined with some of B.L. original Artwork, the album could be defined as the first example of a Concept & Code production. In other words ECLETICLANZ is an amazing and exciting melting pot of foreign languages vocals and genres like avant-garde rock & prog, but also classical, pop, metal, contemporary music and even a tango!