Jumbo 2007
Anthology Live AMS
cover of article Genre: DVD Musicali, Progressive
1.In the summertime
2.Oggi sarò là
3.Come vorrei
5.È buffo scoprirsi vecchi
6.Doppia faccia
7.La strada che porta al fiume
8.Folle corsa
9.La mia vita
10.Bella & finta
14.Sta accadendo qualcosa dentro me
15.Ed ora corri
16.Il Sig. K
17.Dio è
18.Black hole in a DNA
19.Hai visto
21.Come vorrei essere uguale a te
22.Miss Rand

WG Image DVD USD 48.00





The final rock documentary about this legendary italian progressive band! 90 minutes of interviews (in talian language, with english subtitles), rare pictures (over 600 photos) and clips never seen before, including one hour of live footage from a concert recorded in the Nineties by the original line-up. The first documentary regarding an italian prog band and therefore not to be missed. A must for Jumbo fans and lovers of the historic italian prog scene. Deluxe DVD packaging! Area code: 0 (all areas), PAL standard.