Castles, Wings, Stories and Dreams Black Widow
cover of article Género: Progressive
1.Un dono
2.Wizard Intro
3.Madre Africa
4.Questa penombra è lenta
6.The game
7.Cluster Bombs
8.This Open Show
9.C'era una volta

WG Image CD CHF 29.40




New project by Nuova Idea drummer Paolo Siani; a concept album which involved great musicians for a full immersion in prog atmospheres with King Crimson, Pink Floyd, Nuova Idea influences and with a fresh and energic feeling! Ear the 'Fripp' riffs of Madre Africa with the fantastic guitar solo by Marco Zoccheddu, the dreaming atmospheres of Questa Penombra è Lenta with the female voice of Nadia Engheben, the dramatic feeling of Cluster Bombs with Roberto Tiranti vocals and more and more emotions with Joe Vescovi on keys, Mauro Pagani on flute, Guido Guglielminetti on Bass, Ricky Belloni on Guitar, Giorgio Usai on keys... Progressive, Rock, Jazz touches, a complex and ambitious work which look back at the past but well projected in to the future...a must have!