Someway Still I Do Schema Records
cover of article Género: Bossa, Jazz, Nu-Jazz, Pop, Soul
1.Open Up Your Eyes (feat. Jenny B)
2.Livin' My Life (feat. Liam McKahey)
3.So Long, Goodbye (feat. Jenny B)
4.Secret Lover (feat. Jenny B)
5.Greeting From Here
6.But Not For You (feat. Liam McKahey)
7.Someway Still I Do (feat. Liam McKahey)
8.Stay Into My Life (feat. Renata Tosi)
9.L'estate è qua (feat. Rosalia De Souza)
11.Something Fine (feat. Stefania Rava)
12.Blind Date Blues

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'Someway Still I Do' marks the soloist debut of the guitarist, composer and producer Alessandro Magnanini. The awareness to dedicate himself to an entire album takes root after the great success gained by the Emilian artist as a composer. We are talking about that important hit which brings his signature, 'This Is What You Are', the song has launched the career of the Catanese Mario Biondi. A further confirmation comes with the live experiences matured with the Duke Orchestra, whose direction is entrusted really to Alessandro Magnanini. The main sources of inspiration are the great adult pop productions of the past, where the melodies prominently easy listing are here filtered through a jazz approach and a more cultured language alike. Furthermore these melodies are identified with the arrangements of excellent artists such as Claus Ogerman, referring in particularly to those ones produced for the performances of Astrud Gilberto, the orchestral atmospheres proper to the Shirley Bassey’s repertory, and the 'playful' evocative ability of Henry Mancini. We could probably consider all of these models unreachable, but anyway they show to Alessandro Magnanini the artistic line where to draw inspiration from. In this way 'Someway Still I Do' comes out, a record whose value is increased by the immediacy of pop, the quality of the arrangements, the delicacy of a timeless music and the world of soundtracks, representing a kind jazz whose breathing is typically orchestral. For this work the Italian composer avails himself of some collaborations which further enhance the structure of the tunes. Among the voices Jenny B stands out singing with great personality both in 'Secret Lover' and 'Open Up Your Eyes', both bringing to mind the typical atmospheres of the music by John Williams or the more recent ones by Duffy or Amy Winehouse; we also find the singer performing sensually in 'So Long Goodbye', whose interpretation shows the typical delicacy of the bossa nova. The important international guest is Liam McKahey, frontman of the English band Cousteau, who has a stab at three songs too: at the ballad 'Livin My Life', which brings us back to the traditional jazz splendours of the New Orleans of the ‘30s; at 'But Not For You', with its involving bossa jazz; and finally at 'Someway Still I Do', which excels for its contrasting shades upon the voice of the Australian singer make us daydreaming. 'L’estate è qua' instead gives us the new and rare opportunity to appreciate Rosalia De Souza singing in our language in a piece that shows us the typical romanticism typical of her home country; 'Something Fine', is charmingly performed by Stefania Rava who worked for years by the side of valued musicians such as Giorgio Gaslini, Paolo Tomelleri and Giovanni Tommaso; 'Stay Into My Life' is singed with great verve by Renata Tosi, already by the side of Nicola Stilo, Dusko Gojkovick and Tony Scott, and it is characterized for its uptempo structure suitable for the dancefloor.