84 King Street (Vinile) Irma Records
cover of article Style: Dance, Funk, Soul
Disc One - Side A
1.King of the Dancefloor (feat. More Blonde)
2.The Journey of Your Life (feat. Groovy Sistas)
3.Don't You Ever Loose It (feat. Frankie Lovecchio)

Disc One - Side B
1.Dancing (feat. Groovy Sistas)
2.A Dream In Your Heart (feat. Dario Daneluz)
3.The Game (feat. Anna Fondi)
4.Fire (feat. Frankie Lovecchio)

Disc Two - Side C
1.Shiver (feat. Frankie Pearl)
2.We Use to Live Together (feat. Adika Pongo)
3.Boogie Oogie Oogie (feat. Frankie Pearl)
4.No More Missing You (feat. Groovy Sistas)

Disc Two - Side D
1.84 King Street (feat. Groovy Sistas)
2.My Final Fantasy (feat. Dario Daneluz)
3.The Look In Your Eyes (feat. Frankie Lovecchio & Letizia Liberati)

WG Image 2 LP CHF 41.20