Klogr 2015
Make Your Stand Zeta Factory
cover of article Style: DVD Musicali, Metal
1.Breaking Down
2.Make Your Stand
3.Breathing Heart
4.Draw Closer
5.Zero Tolerance
6.King of Unknown
7.Failing Crowns
8.Vultures Feast
9.Hell of Income
10.Silk and Thorns
12.Guilty and Proud
13.Guinea Pigs

1.Draw Closer
2.Zero Tolerance
3.King of Unknown
4.Failing Crowns
5.Vultures Feast
6.Hell of Income
7.Silk and Thorns
9.Guilty and Proud
10.Guinea Pigs
11.Till You Decay
12.Till You Turn Part 1
13.Till You Turn Part 2
14.Blacksnow Eruopean Tour (Rehearsal Session)
15.Make Your Stand

WG Image CD + DVD CHF 24.00


Il nuovo album live dei Klogr, un CD ed un DVD regsitrati al “Live” di Trezzo con l’aggiunta di 3 brani inediti!