L'amica geniale (Vinile) Deutsche Grammophon
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LP 1 - Side A
1.Elena & Lila
2.Spring 1
5.Summer 2

LP 1 - Side B
1.Your Reflection
2.Infra 8
3.The Days Go By
4.In Spite of All
5.Brilliant Clouds
6.Autumn 3
7.Vladimir's Blues
8.Interior Dialogues
9.In the Dark

LP 2 - Side C
1.In Remembrance of You
2.Shimmering Clouds
3.Love Songs
4.She Was Running
5.Kierling / Doubt
6.Our Reflection

LP 2 - Side D
1.We Circle Through the Night, Consumed by Fire
2.Space 11 (Invisible Pages Over)

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