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Finally a new work by acclaimed artist Claudio Rocchi, for the first time on DVD! Shooted in Sardinia in Giave’s (SS), Paulilatino’s (OR), Bitti’s (NU), Siddi’s (CA) areas, 'Pedra mendalza', is halfway between a documentary and a feature movie. The docufiction exposes ancient sardinian 'power places' from hystorical, cultural, archeological and energetical points of view crossing over magical and folkloristic local traditions. We meet there le tombe dei giganti (giants graves), I pozzi sacri (sacred wells), I santuari nuragici (nuragical sanctuaries), and finally the lavic rock that titles the movie. Pedra mendalza (the cleansing rock). It’s a totally digital work, advanced videophotographic techniques for an analogical, unsequential, visionary drive. Mental feedbacks and forseeings, a stream of consciousness. The rich soundtrack, leads often the experience, overwriting the script. pedra mendalza© a digital tale with music. Starring: - alberto faret - cinzia defendenti - mickey bosco - ilaria castiglioni - special guests: dolores turchi -bugo soundtrack list:.sandro mussida< thrill eva claudio rocchi<processio claudio rocchi<angel trust jont<ellen macarthur claudio rocchi<astrodome siddhi massimo zamboni<santa maria elettrica claudio rocchi<i cavalli walter maioli<the sirenspaolo tofani<sri rupa manjari pada claudio rocchi<power animal sandro mussida<miclaudio rocchiomake terje nordgarden<this timeluigi lai<nodas claudio rocchi<reeh seven fabrizio coppola<la superficie delle cose synaulia<rombo claudio rocchi<mary magdala claudio rocchi<from mynhos roby dellera<she's the one claudio rocchi<waiting 4 U claudio rocchi<on the boat feldmann<a cup of tea Claudio Rocchi was the original bass guitarist of Stormy Six, and had a long and successful solo career that started in 1970 with the first album, Viaggio. His music was influenced by eastern culture and psychedelia.